What do you want your home to be like?

On October 18th 1943, Winston Churchill said;

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

I’m going to borrow his quote and “shape” it slightly differently like many have since then, but first I’ll give you a short ‘why’ he made this comment.

The House of Commons was bombed in World War ll and when the British Parliament was deciding how to proceed with rebuilding, several of the members wanted to make it larger to accommodate more seats. Winston Churchill believed the building should be built as it was. For 40 years he served, and he watched.

Everything he said following the statement shows that there were more than a few reasons he said it, but two basic ones are the ones I want to use. Being crowded creates buzz and spaces have memories.

We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.

We all have ideas of what we want our homes to look like. Our past homes, our experiences in other’s homes, society and much more shape our minds of this. A house inside and out is an image, a picture that can be taken. Something easy to visualize; The shape we want our home.

Being crowded increases ‘buzz.’ Example: A smaller home can have good qualities, for instance; by having to work with each other through compromise, respect for each other’s space or quiet time. The memories of this will shape us.

On the opposite side of the example: Having a bigger, more spacious home we can still learn these good qualities, though the memories of this will shape us differently than the example above.

The take away from this is that;

Certain things that don’t seem like it could be a benefit just might be one, always think of the positives.

Don’t forget to ask: What do we want our home to be like, not just what we want our home to look like?